Website Development & Improvement

We employ our own unique, WEBpage Design Wizard program…created to help our team of webpage designers and programmers be more efficient and effective…thus saving our clients lots of time and money. In addition, we have hundreds of scripts and pre-coded applications that can be used, that cost very little, but represent thousands of programming manhours.

  • We have a form that we fill out together, that covers all the critical issues about setting up a new website.
  • Attached to this document would be the client’s eContent / text copy, images, logos, etc.
  • We then sit down and dream up a unique design layout that takes into account such things as “Usability”, Loading times, Search Engine Spiders, Graphic Originality, Readability, Curb Appeal, Browser compatibility and getting your Marketing Message across.
  • We charge $55/hr. for basic installations and normal support of websites
  • Javascript / DHTML programming is charged out at $65/hr.
  • Logo Design, Animated Graphics, and FLASH presentation work is $75/hr.
  • Database integration work is extra and we will provide an estimate and proposal/bid for that type of interactive work
  • WEBsite Hosting proposals can be presented and options discussed…Although we do not do any hosting ourselves…we can hook clients up with quality service providers.
  • eMarketing Programs are suggested and strategic plans can be developed.
  • Search Engine Optimization programs can also be implemented to achieve high rankings on the leading Search Engines.