We have a strategic plan to create a dynamic network of INFOpreneurs and BIZionaires that can collaborate on the projects that come to us from the various resources that we will mine.


Create a safe, trusted eBiz NETwork of professionals that work together in a CO-OP environment; where their creative efforts are rewarded far beyond anything they could do on their own or through other traditional venture funding options or incubators. Utilizing ‘Social-Collateral Marketing’ techniques, A-Teams, IDEA-Circles and ‘Connessions’ these entrepreneurs can realize their potential in a more effective way without giving up a lot of equity or be forced into an IPO situation merely to satisfy those funding their start-up operations.


  • Intellectual Property Development & Consulting
  • New Product Design & Development/Engineering
  • Joint-Venture Development & Project Management
  • Resourcing & Collaboration through Alliance-Teams (A-Teams)
  • A-Teams Competitions Management
  • A-Teams Competitions Management
  • Fundraising Project Management

Business Model:

  • Membership-based, Subscription Model ($10 to $100/month)
  • CO-OP Marketing NETwork…similar to a Credit Union—where members also OWN the CO-OP
  • Royalty Capital Development Model is basis for IP Business Development Trust
  • Competition-based Growth Process mixed into a CrowdSourcing function
  • 5 Tiered Affiliate Earnings Model also Promotes Rapid Growth & Participation
  • 5 Tiered Affiliate Earnings Model also Promotes Rapid Growth & Participation
  • Members are rewarded for Recruiting IP’s, new talent, and active Participation in programs
  • Members called “BIZionaires”
  • Collaboration Groups called “A-Teams”…forming “IDEA-Circles”
  • Utilizing a process called “Connessions” (from Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Connesione’ process of systematic problem solving)
  • Employs a “Pay It Forward” model similar to one used by Habitat For Humanity
  • Time-Share Points (T-S pts.) rewards members with Profit Sharing in proportion to their time invested
  • Training Program Element – Successful Goal Achievement Through Social-Collateral Marketing
  • Motto is: “We Honor God, By Helping People….Realize Their Potential”
  • Goal is: To Be the Largest Cooperative Marketing Exchange of Joint-Venture Partners in the World

Our Irresistible Offer is: Give us 1 year of working with you, and if your deal isn’t 10x further along than it would have been without us… we’ll give you double your membership dues back.