Search Engine Optimization

It is difficult to find a medium that is as effective and less intrusive as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Google and Overture’s pricing model, based on keyword auctions, is constantly increasing. Some marketers are using ingenious services and programs to find bargains and more effective strategies. The bottom line is that it can be very expensive (lowering ROI) to utilize search engines in their marketing matrix. Whenever there is a scarce resource such as Search Engine driven prospects looking for website connections or resources and a pricing structure based on auctioning off the keywords and phrases…you will have a price structure that spirals upwards and difficulty maintaining a stable threshold where planners can accurately project costs.

Winning at search marketing can make or break a business. As prices rise, the best marketers are the ones who still squeeze positive return on investment from higher prices. Inefficiency results in poorly performing campaigns.
Marketer are preparing for escalating challenges associated with rising Cost-per-Click. It’s critical to combine knowledge and expertise with the best technology. Then, to execute on the ever-changing strategies resulting from continual testing and improvement.

Unfortunately, some marketers are giving up without giving paid search a chance. They entered the arena neglecting one or two of the best practices — just enough to sour the experience. Conversations with other web-marketing specialists at an industry conference revealed significant exasperation. We regularly heard that SEM either didn’t work or was TOO expensive.

Our Marketing Maestro has dissected various programs and their successes and failures to come up with 14 key strategic points that will help insure a positive ROI. So how many of these points will put your marketing program on track for success? It depends on your profit margins (assuming you are selling a product or service directly), as well as your follow-through marketing efforts. To participate and WIN in the SEM arena every opportunity must be employed to improve and optimize your campaign.

You might think you’re doing OK without these “Best Practices” employed. In reality however you’re missing opportunities and wasting dollars with less than optimal strategies and marketing tools. Your boss, shareholders and most of all your clients may not know you could have done better (particularly if they can’t find you). And after all, Search Engine Marketing is complicated and not a slam-dunk.

What about your competition? Are they taking note of the advances in tools used to optimize THEIR search engine positions? At least you have an opportunity to get a heads-up on all this.