Here are some of the ways we can help your business

CRM (Customer Relationship Management.) based eMail programs: Finding Prospects, Converting them to Clients, & then Keeping them.

  • Should you have a subscriber-based (fee based) newsletter or update sheet OR support your publication by Advertising
  • Announcements of upcoming Events
  • PR announcements on new products — based on a preference list
  • Free-tips on how to make you business run smoothly and retain your existing clients
  • Promotional Contests
  • Have a guest book for the website…to build/maintain the websites newest prospects and clients
  • Come up with some type of gimme/gifts to reward users for helping contribute to the webspace. This could be discount coupons or special offerings to website visitors.

Community Building: Portals, Vortals, Message boards, etc. all promote interaction between parties

  • Building relationships through emailed documents, letters, newsletters, and reports
  • Building a constituency through seminars and conferences promoted through email contacts and connections
  • Sharing advice and content, directed and targeted at individuals with compatible interests builds a strong bond
  • Keep your corporate contacts informed whether that be shareholders or employees
  • Creating a buzz, publicizing issues that are important to your point of view

Industry Monitoring/Alerts: Breaking industry news and PR releases to effectively get the word out immediately

  • Advise prospects, clients, and key contacts about urgent, time-sensitive issues
  • Advise clients about service issues and temporary service interruptions or problems
  • Inform clients about scheduled maintenance they need to plan on
  • Reminder Notices
  • Customer Service announcements for upgrades, bug fixes, software version upgrades, etc.
  • Technical Support dialog and tips from service inquiries

If you currently send out email to people manually you have an alternative. In addition there are numerous tools available that enable users to TRACK the effectiveness of your efforts. Also sending personalized emails doubles the read-rate. The cost of instantly sending out tens of thousands of emails is minimal and manageable.